I am currently working as a printmaker, particularly specialising in the process of relief print. The artwork created reflects my continual exploration of how we interpret the world around us to find understanding and our place within it. Exploring this through collections, folklore and superstition. Utilising the visual appeal of collected objects within the work, to demonstrate how we categorise and organise our environment in interpreting our surroundings. Drawing upon our forgotten beliefs in folklore and superstition to inform the content of the artwork which is reflected in the imagery created. Using research found within these subjects to then organise objects, creating categories and forming connections between objects, ultimately creating a collection.

Working largely in relief print; being drawn to the process for the possibilities found in creating multiples, the ability to achieve clean lines in mark making and for the process of making a block (working back to front, in positive and negative). However paper cutting and collage are also employed in the making process, and drawing is critical to the development of the artwork. The artwork produced takes the format of traditional prints and artist books.

Ongoing influences on my practice include the natural environment, pattern, ethnic and historical textiles, books and art, design and illustration from the mid 20th century.

C.V. Available upon request.